Our Experience


Alison Cummins assisted Pat O Flaherty, a Kildare based Pig Farmer to bring his vision of a retail pork food brand to life.

We guarantee our bacon is from one farmer and one farm, fully traceable. Our Outdoor Oinks rashers are dry cured with no colourings, chemicals or water added and will not shrivel in the pan.

We worked with the business owner to deliver all aspects of the programme including

Farm audit

Meat batching from one farmer and one farm

Category deep dive and category dynamics including trends, drivers and sub-trends in the market

Perceived benefits, strengths and weaknesses of the proposed brand

Target customer profiling, demographic and usage occasions

Exploration of brand names

Worked with the owner to develop the brand story

Identified route to market and put in place distribution and logistics

Launch and scale up plans


Our rashers have a distinctive superior taste - rashers that cook and taste like they should!

The consultancy and mentoring inputs created the following quantifiable outputs

Reframing tradition, not a po faced brand. The owners were brave with the brand identity and name

Pack mock-ups that were used in a real store environment

Focus groups with the emphasis on taste, presentation and brand identity

Cross category analysis of shelf-space allocation, product variety, and retail prices and margins

Identified the best route to market

A marketing campaign that focused on the brand being low fat (less than 3% fat), thick cut, dry cure premium at a premium price

Developed winning in-store promotions

Scaling up and distribution

Achieved a listing and sales in symbol groups Nationwide

Upselling and cross selling by positioning as a multi-use product alongside a famous in-house brand of sausages as well as securing Multiple store spaces including dairy wall, spider fridge and chill cabinet to maximise space thereby increasing turnover by 40%