Our Outdoor Oinks dry-cure back rashers, streaky rashers and lardons are produced from outdoor access Hampshire pigs reared on our Co. Kildare farmOur pigs are free to ramble inside and out with plenty of space and fresh air because we know pigs that have a good, happy life make the most delicious bacon.

We guarantee our bacon is from one farmer and one farm, fully traceable. Our Outdoor Oinks rashers are dry cured with no colourings, chemicals or water added and will not shrivel in the pan.

Our smoked rashers are smoked using oak chips in a traditional smoking oven and the resulting rashers are smooth textured with the natural flavours of the wood and pork combining to produce a product that is unique to AP Fine Foods.

Our exceptionally flavoursome meat creates the most sensational bacon you will ever taste. Curing salts are massaged into the pork backs and bellies to allow those exquisite flavours to develop, without an overwhelming salty taste.

Our rashers have a distinctive superior taste - rashers that cook and taste like they should!